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Berichten uit november 13, 2013 weergeven
The festival Stamping Ground jun 26, 27, 28 - 1970 was also called the "Dutch Woodstock". An event that had place in Rotterdam in 1970, with the presence of 350 thousand persons. The alternative culture movement of Europe demonstrated to be strong and growing. In this documental-concert, some of the major names of rock of the 70's performs in the best way. An excelent mixture of progressive rock, folk, blues and psicodelia. The video is a very tasteful registration of a festival with lots of great bands and a crowd that looked so happy: many hippies with water pipes, hasj and coloured cloths, people who jumped naked into the water, made love or went asleep because of the drugs and accohol, wonderful and legendary scenes. You also see images from The Netherlands: flat and green landscapes with windmills and Amsterdam with their typical houses, canals and bridges (young tourist Brian Aydair will show you his pictures from that!). 0:00:33 Santana - Gumbo 0:04:03 Al Stewar…