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Berichten uit december 5, 2012 weergeven

Rebbe Soetendorp... What would I do??

Kijk en luister naar deze kanjer...."When a Gaze of a Baby still reach the Heart, nothing is lost"

Awraham Soetendorp is currently Rabbi of the Reform Jewish Community of The Hague, and Rabbi of the Union of Dutch Reform Jewish Communities. Born in 1943 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Rabbi Soetendorp survived as a hidden child.
He asked the floor at TEDxAmsterdam to speak about the Charter of Compassion, a TEDPrize project initiated by Karen Armstrong. In his brief talk he recalled the moment in 1943 when the Gestapo and the Dutch police came to his home, and proceeded to stress his belief in the goodness of people: Compassion opens the heart, and when the heart is open it propels to hope.
His short talk moved the audience immensely and he got a standing ovation.