vrijdag 6 mei 2011

"Hier heb ik nog een foto van heel lang geleden...."

Ik heb deze foto van Wieberen en zijn zuster Antje Paauw in mijn archief.
Zij waren van 1918 tot 1950 eigenaren  van het Skutsje Ebenhaezer, dat door Croles te IJlst in 1904 werd gebouwd
Het skûtsje vaart nog steeds.Op de website: Ebenhaezer 1904 staat over Wieberen en Antje Paauw uit Hylpen (Hindeloopen) het volgende

"Wieberen and Antje Paauw would have used her for the transport of bulk cargo, in a completely rural society:  manure, mould, peat, coal, hay, straw, reed, potatoes, sugar beet, building material etc.  Mainly, she would have operated in Friesland.  In the early 1900s in Friesland there were hardly any paved roads.  Nearly all traffic went over water, along the canals and lakes, sailing, rowing, poling or towing along the banks.  Many canals and all the lakes of course, were so wide that sailing was the main means of  propulsion used. Before the war years (1938 or sooner), Wieberen Paauw had her lengthened by 3 metres.  Those were years of economical depression – most people were very poor, freightages were low and probably it was done to enable extra capacity per delivery, to make it more financially viable.  In 1941 the registration as a cargo vessel ended, probably because Wieberen Paauw had died.  Antje (his sister) continued to live on the barge until 1950" .