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Berichten uit februari 3, 2009 weergeven

Grave 5 Row 13 Section B of Hindeloopen cemetery Holland.

Mijn goede vriend Jan Karstens uit Groningen mailde mij de volgende informatie over Sgt. Palastanga. Over hem schreef ik een gedicht in het Hylpers. Dit kun je in zwart-wit aanklikken in de rechterbovenhoek van dit weblog
On the night of the 6/7 November 1941, 408 RCAF Squadron were operating Hampden Bombers from RAF Syerston. Sgt. Palastanga was the Observer in Hampden AD 972 which took off as part of a raid on Germany (Target not identified). As they were crossing the Dutch coast returning from bombing the target, Hampden AD 972 was attacked by a Messerschmitt 110 night fighter. The aircraft was immediately put into a diving cork-screw to port manoeuvre and contact was lost with the enemy aircraft but not before it had fired several bursts of machine gun and cannon fire. A crew check was made by the pilot to which Sgt. Palastanga did not respond. On checking his position the escape hatch was found open. Sgt. Palastanga had evidently bailed out as his stowed parachute was missing from…