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Berichten uit november 2, 2007 weergeven

Theo van Gogh - Absent Friend

Voor Theo, maar ook voor alle andere
Absent Friends
(Onze Allerzielen en Allerheiligen)

Time heals wounds, they say.
Time takes the pain away.
I wonder why it never happens for me.
It's years since you went away
but I miss you night and day.
Why you had to go is a mystery to me.

What seemed important then
becomes trivial when
Fate deals the card
that forces your hand.
All the places we'd been,
all the things we had seen,
No more in the future;
it just isn't planned.

It's all very strange,
but when you went, I changed.
It just seemed to happen with the passing of each day.
I don't understand.
Is it part of a plan?
Does one person grow
when another fades away?

Small things you'd do
weave pictures of you.
They're printed for life
on the back of my mind.
I was always so sure.
Your life was so pure.
To the faults and to bad times
a loved one stays blind.

I always found that
when you were around,
You helped me with worries
and eased all my fears.
You always had time
for problems of mine,
A shoulder t…

The Guns of the Kyokushin Waterpoort Cup 2007

Donderdagavond 1 november 2007 vond de gebruikelijke evaluatie plaats door de Organiseergroep c.q. Projectgroep van de Waterpoort cup 2007 Kyokushin Karate. Dit succesvolle internationale Kyokushin Karate Toernooi werd gehouden op zaterdag 20 oktober de Sneker Sporthal
Hieronder een beeld van het Tableau de la Troupe:
v.l.n.r. Marc Bootsma, Peter Smit, Anske Smit, Rinke Bouma en Lea Koenen.