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Berichten uit december, 2004 weergeven
Let the Music keep the Spirit high!!!

pics: by Anske Smit Sneek

The most beautiful sleeves of 2004

The most beautiful sleeves of 2004: ". U2, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (Special Edition, Island)
This might prove to be something of a landmark release. U2's special edition takes the notion of the album as a special package previously only seen on posthumous box sets. Fans opening the Special Edition are presented with a 42-page book, split into two distinct halves: one representing fear and paranoia, the other hope, love and joy. Each band member has contributed writing, poetry, sketches and paintings. 'Scientist' Edge's drawings of atomic bombs and samurai swords show a dark sense of humour and Bono emerges as an accomplished, witty painter. 'We knew that Bono was a fine artist,' says designer Shaughn McGrath. 'The real surprise was Larry [Mullen], I didn't know he'd do such a wonderful job with his circle paintings.'"
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

pics: by Anske Smit Sneek